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When Special Education Doesn’t Cost Everything plus the Kitchen Sink

At fiscal year end we sometimes see that actual costs are significantly below budget and one of the causes can be “savings” in Special Education. I put “savings” in quotes because this does not usually reflect a reduction in costs. It often reflects improper budgeting, which can lead to a number of unfortunate consequences. Other priorities may have been

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Résumé Booster — Software Skills

Originally posted on Résumé Mojo:
Groupon is having a deal for those that need to boost their software application skills on their résumés and you might want to jump on it before the deal expires: The Deal $39 for the Microsoft Office Specialist and Excel 2013 Certification Bundle ($495 value). The Microsoft Office Specialist…

Three Different Things

Originally posted on InspGuilfoyle:
I almost called this blog post ‘Spot the Difference 2’ because it follows on from this old post. The reason for revisiting the arguments in that blog is because since the advent of our little friend Stick Child, the need to simplify some performance management arguments to a level even the…

The Mystery of the Black Box

The black box is usually associated with tragedy.  However, this post is not about airplane accidents.  It is about wasted opportunities and undefined steps. There is a cartoon that shows a blackboard full of calculations.  The calculations on the left hand side are, presumably, Step One and those on the right hand side must be Step Three.  Between

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The Case Against Books

Textbooks, that is.  I’d like to make the case that textbooks and memorization of content are at the heart of much of what is wrong with primary and secondary education in the US. I came to the United States at the age of 21.  Of course my elementary and secondary schooling is now decades old and things have surely

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Parental Involvement: Cause or Correlation?

I was in a meeting about student success.  We had broken into groups, and the question of parental involvement came up.  “Were your parents involved in your school?” I half-whispered to a fellow director, born and raised in Hong Kong. “Not at all” she said.  “Not mine either” said I (born and raised in another

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Where Things Come from and Where They Go to

How much do we really think?  Here’s an example.  Toilets are a vital component of world health, yet we rarely give them a second thought.  For us, they are just there when we need them.  Just like almost everything else in our secure western world. The truth is that complex interconnected systems deliver food, energy, clothing, consumer

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The Handshake of Death

A handshake should be neither limp nor bone-crushing.  This is common knowledge. But how should you handle a death-grip handshake that is clearly designed to intimidate? I inadvertently stumbled across the answer when meeting with a customer who had used our bus services and was now not paying the bill. The transportation manager had arranged the meeting.  I

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Reasons and Excuses, Bali Edition

My grandfather used to say “reasons are not excuses,” meaning that just because you have a reason, don’t expect that to function as an excuse to relieve you of the consequences of your actions. I used to plan our family vacations down to the gnat’s eyelash.  For each trip I would make a binder that functioned as a

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Fave Five

A message presented with humor and imagination is the common theme in these wonderful blogs. A brand new blog that immediately drew my attention is  Movie Hugs Will Kill You.  Tim’s charming and engaging wry humor is launched at those things in everyday life made worse by unrealistic expectations. The Idiot Economist explains economics to the rest of us.

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