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Where Things Come from and Where They Go to

How much do we really think?  Here’s an example.  Toilets are a vital component of world health, yet we rarely give them a second thought.  For us, they are just there when we need them.  Just like almost everything else in our secure western world. The truth is that complex interconnected systems deliver food, energy, clothing, consumer

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How Can I Talk to You About School Spending?

There are always a few diehard policy wonks and spending watchdogs at school board meetings.  District staff know their names.  We greet them with a polite nod and sometimes stop for a brief chat.  In a larger district you’ll see the occasional print reporter recording and taking notes.  Every now and then a television crew will show up to get

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Sutter Brown: Philosopher King, I mean Dog

I think I officially have a crush on Jerry Brown.  What chief executive on earth in an address to the combined legislature of his state would hand out playing cards featuring his dog? The various playing cards have a picture of his dog on one side, with cute doggy sayings about budget restraint.  The other side of each

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