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Where Things Come from and Where They Go to

How much do we really think?  Here’s an example.  Toilets are a vital component of world health, yet we rarely give them a second thought.  For us, they are just there when we need them.  Just like almost everything else in our secure western world. The truth is that complex interconnected systems deliver food, energy, clothing, consumer

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The Turquoise Cat

I once worked with a woman who claimed that she owned a turquoise cat.  She couldn’t understand the amazement and disbelief that she encountered whenever she said it.  Eventually, one skeptical acquaintance visited her at home.  “Um, isn’t your cat tortoiseshell?”  “Yes, why?”  “Well you’ve been telling everyone it is turquoise.” The moral of the story

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Professional Development: it’s Tricky (Woo)

I recently saw a coaching app that uses the slogan “closing the accountability gap”.  It is an app designed to be used by professional athletes and their coaches.  This really resonated with me.  In education we talk about various types of gaps.  Achievement gaps and opportunity gaps are mentioned in terms of what we adults are not providing to

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