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I receive many intriguing conceptual poems in my WordPress spam folder.  Are we all being too dismissive of the spoem?  Here’s one I like to call “Hidden Haiku”. I don’t like informational composed composed articles content articles or blog posts authored composed composed articles content composed articles content content articles usually, but your write-up will feasibly function

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Who are you calling Bossypants?  Well, think Sarah Palin. Two things are required: Speak with complete authority and conviction Maintain a constant metronomic pace Rhythm is important.  There can be no pauses for reflection or feedback.  It is hard to maintain a theatrical pace, especially when the speechifying is extemporaneous. So when content is lacking, Bossypants will

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Give Up Already!

I was still in bed when I heard such frightful swearing from the kitchen.  Upon investigation I discovered that Spouse had impaled his index finger on a nail and was trying to open up a “bandaid”.  Not a brand name Band-Aid, mind you, but a cheap generic version thereof.  He handed it to me.  Here

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Hipster Adoption Curve

Dear readers, please enjoy this fun graphic from The Idiot Economist

Why My Son Went to Private Schools

I have worked in public education for more than 20 years, yet my son went to private schools.  This was not a rejection of the public school system.  We live in an area with some of the best public schools in the country, and could have sent our son there for free.  Why didn’t we

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