Why My Son Went to Private Schools

I have worked in public education for more than 20 years, yet my son went to private schools.  This was not a rejection of the public school system.  We live in an area with some of the best public schools in the country, and could have sent our son there for free.  Why didn’t we do it then?

1. The Right to Choose

We have the right to choose.  What about those people who don’t have the means, you may ask.  Answer: it is still a right.  There are those who argue that we could fix public schools by banning private schools.

When Michelle Rhee quoted Warren Buffet saying something to the effect that it would be easy to solve today’s problems in urban education by making “private schools illegal, and assigning every child to a public school by random lottery,” I suspect she might have missed the possibility that he was making a swiftian “modest proposal”.

2. Fit

Our son came to us when he was almost five.  We needed a small, nurturing, and structured school environment for him.  At that point “academics” was not the issue.  We knew that his small private school was not as good, academically, as the huge public school down the street.

Source: zazzle.com

Source: zazzle.com

3. Culture/Religion

Our son was born into a catholic family.  I am not religious, and my other half has lapsed.  How would he learn about his background if not in a catholic school?

My point: there is no freedom without the freedom to choose.  Even when you work for the public schools.

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