Who are you calling Bossypants?  Well, think Sarah Palin.

Two things are required:

  • Speak with complete authority and conviction
  • Maintain a constant metronomic pace


Rhythm is important.  There can be no pauses for reflection or feedback.  It is hard to maintain a theatrical pace, especially when the speechifying is extemporaneous. So when content is lacking, Bossypants will say just about anything to maintain her confident patter.  It is the ultimate example of form over content.

This leads to utter absurdities being spouted from time to time.  Bossypants probably knows that she’s just said something idiotic.  She figures that if she just keeps talking, by the time you get a word in edgewise you’ll be just too dumbstruck or bored to go back and correct her.

Make no mistake.  This is not a conversation.  It is a performance.  A performance for which you did not purchase a ticket.  More than likely you just want to creep away and have as little further contact as possible.  And if Bossypants is pushing a particular agenda, you are probably so turned off that you think “fine, do whatever, just go away.”

If someone is making a list of how dysfunctional decisions get made, this behavior belongs on that list somewhere.

I cast no aspersions on my work colleagues.  My acquaintance with Bossypants lies elsewhere, but I shall say no more.

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