Month: October 2013

Of Gerbils and Groundhogs

Supposedly Mark Twain said “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”  The meaning being, of course, that it is easy to produce a lot of words and hard to condense them into something pithy, meaningful, and interesting. I have been writing a presentation on career development. 

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“Dog Person” Gets Cat: Surprised by Level of Dissastifaction

I am working on a proposal to present at a professional conference next April.  The topic I have chosen is career development. Thus, my blogging volume is both: 1)      Temporarily reduced, and 2)      HR related Why the topic of career development?  Well, frankly, it is on the list of proposals they are seeking.  And also,

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When School Districts Borrow

This an outstanding guide to school district debt financing by Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP.  While the guide references California law, it is useful in understanding public school finance in general. School district administrators in California function in a complex financial universe that increasingly requires familiarity with and use of sophisticated tax-exempt public finance techniques to finance

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FiscalNote: Real Time Government Analytics

Following this company with great interest: “If you look at finance today, we can get in-depth stock and trade updates and analysis every quarter of a second, and it doesn’t make sense to not have the same type of real-time information about what’s happening in the government,”  Tim Hwang

Hipster Adoption Curve

Dear readers, please enjoy this fun graphic from The Idiot Economist

Free Washing Machine, $50

I remember reading the following story as a kid – probably in the Readers Digest. A family buys a new washing machine, so they leave the old one out front of their house with a sign “Free”.  No-one takes the washing machine.  So they change the sign to “Works Great, Only $50”.  The washing machine

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Classroom Dollars and Bad Teachers

Start with a graphic representation of a dollar bill. Divide it up to show how many cents are spent in which categories.  Not a bad way to represent expenditures. Except when it is done this way: Why? Because this cartoon is not just wrong, it is dishonest.  The categories of expense are a bit hard

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Taking a Position

The director and manager of school construction sat down in my office.  They had made it clear that they needed to see me NOW.  “What’s up?” “Well, you hired a supervisor. For the construction department.”  “An accounting supervisor. Yes.” “We should have been consulted. After all, she works in our department.” “Yes, she’s physically located

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Why My Son Went to Private Schools

I have worked in public education for more than 20 years, yet my son went to private schools.  This was not a rejection of the public school system.  We live in an area with some of the best public schools in the country, and could have sent our son there for free.  Why didn’t we

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FIRE ACCOUNTING Click on the link for my manual on school arson.  I have dealt with three major school fires in my career.  And believe me, there was no manual.  The first thing I did ten years ago when confronted with my first school fire was to Google “accounting for school fires” and couldn’t find anything terribly useful. I

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