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A Different Approach to Hiring?

Over the years I have hired a some stars and some near misses as well.  Upon reflection my hires generally fall into four groups: Intelligent, motivated, with great interpersonal skills (IQ, MQ, EQ).  These are our stars, who are promoted quickly. Intelligent, motivated, with poor interpersonal skills (IQ, MQ).  Despite their talents and eagerness, they irritate their fellow workers. 

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Make Them Cry “Uncle!”

My boss and mentor used to chastise me.  “Pile work on your staff until they cry ‘uncle’ ” she would say. Is that really a valid management technique?  Sounds a bit draconian. “Not at all,” she would counter.  “You don’t really know if they are working at full capacity until you give them too much

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Taking a Position

The director and manager of school construction sat down in my office.  They had made it clear that they needed to see me NOW.  “What’s up?” “Well, you hired a supervisor. For the construction department.”  “An accounting supervisor. Yes.” “We should have been consulted. After all, she works in our department.” “Yes, she’s physically located

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