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An Interview Question on a Mission

If you are going for a leadership role in the Business Services section of a school district, you are probably going to be asked something like the following in an interview. If we hire you into this role, how will you advance the mission of the school district? Not Recommended: You created this position so I don’t have to tell

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The Job Interview and The Unwelcome Question

First, I introduce everyone in the room.  Then I quickly review the hiring process. Then I say “Unless you have anything you want or ask or say, we will begin.”  Mostly the interview then gets underway. Occasionally, though, I will get this: Before we begin would you tell me what you are looking for in a candidate?

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A Different Approach to Hiring?

Over the years I have hired a some stars and some near misses as well.  Upon reflection my hires generally fall into four groups: Intelligent, motivated, with great interpersonal skills (IQ, MQ, EQ).  These are our stars, who are promoted quickly. Intelligent, motivated, with poor interpersonal skills (IQ, MQ).  Despite their talents and eagerness, they irritate their fellow workers. 

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