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Parallel Structure, or Why the Bullet is Your Friend

So you’re pursuing a job in finance.  Question: How much writing will you need to do?  Answer: More than you might think. It is a given that you know something about finance, or you would never have been hired in the first place.  However, as you progess in your career you will find more of

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Zombie PowerPoint

or, Why PowerPoint Cannot Die The YouTube video Death by PowerPoint is really, well, to the point.  Yet, despite obvious abuses, PowerPoint is here to stay. Powerpoint is the perfect vehicle for bulleted and numbered lists. We are addicted to lists.  What do you think most people will click on: Study shows correlation between polyphenols and health, or

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Year End Closing Powerpoint

I have posted a Powerpoint presentation on the Year End Close.  Yes it is one of those presentations with lots of text and no interesting pictures.  However, not all presentations are of the Steve Jobs variety. This presentation is designed for school business professionals new to the year end close process, and it is designed

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