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Stepping into a Pile of Management

My boss told me that the only difference between management and non-management is that managers get to hire and fire (so you’d better get good at it). Truth be told, she said this during a somewhat negative performance review. That’s a blunt way of saying non-managers are responsible for tasks while managers are responsible for people. 

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Learning Through Stories (Cocktails Optional)

A lot has been written recently about storytelling as a teaching tool.  We don’t remember facts well, but we do remember stories. In this blog I relate stories of my experiences working at a school district.  I do this because I hope that they are instructive. The danger is that I may inadvertently embarrass a particular

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Year End Closing Powerpoint

I have posted a Powerpoint presentation on the Year End Close.  Yes it is one of those presentations with lots of text and no interesting pictures.  However, not all presentations are of the Steve Jobs variety. This presentation is designed for school business professionals new to the year end close process, and it is designed

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