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Contracts in a Nutshell

I shouldn’t keep being surprised when I run into ill-defined processes for contracts. My experience is that clarity in this area is the exception rather than the rule. Small districts may have no purchasing department. In such cases the Chief Business Officer (CBO) owns the process directly. In larger districts he or she will have a purchasing supervisor, manager or director. The CBO

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Billion with a “B” for iPads

I highly recommend the following commentary in the LA School Report:  If iPads are the answer, what’s the question?  The author interviewed tech savvy LA Unified students, who also happen to be in the target demographic for the iPad purchase (students of color in south LA and Watts).  One of the student responds: “What I’m struggling to

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Technology and Job Descriptions

When you work in the Business Office, you have to stick your nose into everyone’s business.  For example I remember getting involved in a controversy about job descriptions for clerical positions at school sites.  Wouldn’t that be an issue between Human Resources and school principals, you ask? Well, no.  Not when you are charged with

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