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Eleven Important Rules for Reporting

When you are asked to report results internally or externally, there are several rules of thumb that, if followed, will usually make life a lot easier for you.  Otherwise, you may overshare, share wrong data, or actually not answer the real question being asked.  This is especially important when dealing with reporters and public information requests.

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Creativity versus Rules

As I was preparing to leave a former position I spent most of my time writing instruction booklets.  I knew that the new incumbent might be newly promoted or new to the business of education.  This person might need a few guidelines. I have never regarded these instructions as rules.  At best they are helpful

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Stealing from Children, Part I

Who Steals? When it comes to stealing, I can share some awful details and they won’t actually reveal where the crime occurred.  Why? Because the details are depressingly similar. But the similarities are not what you think they are.  We are not talking personality types.  There are two pretty consistent themes in school theft: Opportunity (which YOU provide)

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