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Technology and Job Descriptions

When you work in the Business Office, you have to stick your nose into everyone’s business.  For example I remember getting involved in a controversy about job descriptions for clerical positions at school sites.  Wouldn’t that be an issue between Human Resources and school principals, you ask? Well, no.  Not when you are charged with

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Hiring an Analyst: Inside Scoop

In a school district business office there is usually a position called Budget Analyst.  When I first went to the Pretty Big School District I needed to fill a Budget Analyst vacancy.  I started by talking to current staff to see who would be interested in applying.  One (I thought) promising employee asked “do you need to

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Interdepartmental Charges

What kinds of charges are billed between departments? Custodial costs for school civic center use and custodial services provided to lessees, charter schools, preschools, food services Field trips Vehicle repair Maintenance charges to schools, charter schools, and lessees Catering provided by the Food Services department Duplicating Fingerprinting and other on-boarding costs Mailing costs Here’s an example

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