Local Control Funding Formula: Nothing and Something


The California Department of Education has “updated” its reporting software by removing the previous revenue schedule and replacing it with, um, nothing.

I am going out on a limb.  I have created my own multi-year calculation.  Please email me at support@fiscalshare.com if you want a copy.

We are four plus months into the fiscal year, and need to update revenue forecasts.  Does this mean that all 1,000 California school districts should each independently reinvent the wheel?  It seems that no-one is willing to say: here is an interim Excel worksheet to use until the state adds this calculation to its software.

Discussions concerning the LCFF and its implementation are everywhere.  There have been regional meetings about how the new funding should be spent.  There are regulations pending at the state board.

But before we decide how we are going to spend it, wouldn’t it be nice to know how to calculate it?

My methodology is surely incorrect in some aspects.  Consider it a start, designed to get input and to generate conversations.  Some sort of spreadsheet is needed because:

  • The intricacies and nuances of the calculation don’t become apparent until you actually start doing it
  • Districts are wrapping up their First Interim reports and need something with which to calculate current year revenue, as well as to estimate the required “plus two” years


School Services of California has a calculator for members. Put in some numbers and it spits out an estimate, although the calculations are hidden.  It does not collect enough specific data for the calculation to be more than an estimate.

WestEd has a blog here at WordPress.  I have eagerly subscribed to it.  However, their approach is focused on the “how to spend” side of things.

The California Department of Education has Fact Sheet but no details.  It says

The CDE cannot immediately determine how much an LEA is  entitled to receive during the transition period under LCFF, including the  components of LCFF such as an LEA’s supplemental or concentration grant…

While this is true, CDE, something would be better than nothing.

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