Budgeting Blindfolded as Art Form

Last Thursday the governor’s budget proposal for 2014-15 was unveiled.  My loyal readers may have noticed that I let the occasion pass by without a peep out of me.

The truth is that all of you devoted school district business officials are still budgeting blindfolded.  Estimates for individual district revenues will be developed.  Programs will be implemented and costs calculated.  The economy will either continue to improve, or will collapse by the side of the road from sheer exhaustion.  It is an interesting spectacle, but you who have weathered the worst economy in decades and have seen funding slashed beyond imagination are no longer able to succumb to drama.  You are multi-talented bunch.  You build, weave, create, and adapt.  Take time to admire your handiwork.  Your creation will be a reflection of one possible reality.  That’s all.

That’s very liberating. Publish your assumptions and build a budget.  Anticipated revenues will prove to be mostly wrong and you’ll adapt as you always have.  Glass of wine anyone?

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