Fun Civics Facts

When my non-American family members ask what I do for a living, I first have to explain what a school district is.

I have discovered that many Americans don’t really know what a school district is either.  And a few of those actually work at school districts.  The most common surprise seems to be that we are a governmental agency, not some sort of non-profit.

Hawaii is the only state in the US that does not have school districts.  In all other states there is a hierarchical structure, usually State-County-District-School. The district holds a special place in this hierarchy, since it has a publicly elected board and taxing authority.  It is the legal entity under whose umbrella public schools are formed.

School-board-crowd protestI humbly submit that everyone should, at least once, attend their local school board meeting, ideally when something controversial is on the agenda.  Consider making a public comment to your local board also.

Now, I know that some of my American family members would prefer to be poked in the eye than attend a board meeting.  I say – go out there and get involved! This is government in action.  Like it or hate it, you can have an impact.

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